When I was nine years old I recalled standing in front of my house on our family's farm just outside Yuma, Arizona. Above me, in the clear moonless sky, flew a formation of saucer shaped UFOs. They flitted in erratic zigzags overhead as though they were announcing their existence to everyone watching below. After a few minutes they streaked off across the sky at an impossible speed. I still wonder who they were. Did they have names, families? How did they communicate with each other? What was their motivation for visiting but only teasing us with sporadic evidence of their existence? Why are they here?

I don't exclusively write science fiction, but my imagination and curiosity moves beyond the range of accepted reality. The question of, "What if?" was the seed of my first Sci Fi novel. What if an alien race made its initial contact with a neurotic  sociopath living alone in the middle of the Arizona desert.  In my second novel, I wonder what the world might become if most of the human race were stripped of their souls. At the heart of my books is the research I have committed myself to so that events and places appears as real as possible.

My first novel, The Fi Experiment is self published and available on Amazon. I'm currently seeking representation for my second novel, New Hades.


A story of unrestrained capitalism, materialism, and zombies. Matter teleportation has gone wrong, ripping souls from people’s bodies, leaving lifeless beings to create a new society bereft of love, empathy, and compassion. The dead don’t tolerate the living.